Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 10: Technology-Enhanced Lesson

One idea that I have is to use powerpoint during the next reading lesson. We are reading Charlotte's web, and I could use powerpoint to keep a list of vocabulary words up on the board. While we're reading, the students could look up at the words, and notify me when we read one of them. I could make a slide that gave the definition of each vocabulary word, along with pictures to help them gain a visual of what the word is, and what it means. I would use a laptop and a projector which are available in the computer lab. Maybe I could include a fun game that tests the students on the vocabulary they learned from that chapter!

Post one idea for a technology-enhanced lesson that you think you might be able to do given your classroom context and the technology available to you. Make sure that you tag your post - s#, wk10, lastname.

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  1. sounds interesting - I'll be excited to see how it works