Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Study Guide

First 5 points- Answering these questions honestly. You won't be penalized for answering honestly

15 Points - 3 Core Curriculum Standards
- Math, language arts, and science or social studies
- How would you use technology to teach the standard?
- Why?

Things to consider:
- Content THEN Activity THEN Technology
- Activity Description: What will students do? What will you do?
- Activity description: What is the pedagogy? Collaboration? Discovery Learning? Experiential? Problem-based learning? etc.
- Age-Appropriateness of activity and technology
- Rationale: How does it enable the pedagogy? How does is enable student understanding of the concepts? Does it enable a better representation of the concept? (You don't want your technology to be an add on, you want it to be a core part (Use the Technology Integration Questions),
- TPACK vs TPK : TPK example- Knowing how to use technology for a particular pedagogical purpose. Maybe you'll use it for better management, or it enables students to be more hands on. Knowing how to prepare a really good powerpoint presentation. TPACK ont he otherhand is knowing how to integrate technology with a particular content area, with a particular pedagogical purpose.

In your rationale you need to include TPK and TPACK. Example Have a leaf and the students look into the Microscope.... TPK, if you say it helps them to understand better than nonliving organisms...using hands on discovery (TPACK is more specific pedagogy where the hands on discovery helps to better understand nonliving organisms. You'll be talking about representations or how it helps to better understand content, AND content specific pedagogy that might only relate to the content... like using a manipulative is more TPACK.

Dr. Grahams

Students using technology or instructors only?

* What is the added value
* Rationales for why you use technology are really important


* Pedagogy-Focused

1. Technology enhances a content-specific-pedagogy
2. If allowed me to do a specific reading actiity, such as guided reading.

* Represenation/Affordances

1. Tech creates affordance that enhances understanding of specific content
2. Using an animation to show the water cycle and allows the students to better see and make more concrete how the water cucle occurs.


* Pedagogy-Focused

1. Tech enhances a general-pedagogy
2. It enabled me to caputre their attention

* Representation/Affordances

1. Tech creates affordance that enhances general teaching
2. animations are more fun for students

Common Mistakes:

*Not providing enough detail
*Weak Rationals (See criteria above... don't just say it's a good attention grabber, why is using that particular technology really good?

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